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Bill Pay

Pay bills quickly and easily with free Online Banking with Bill Pay.

No need to spend time writing checks and stamping envelopes. Now, with Online Banking with Bill Pay, it only takes a few minutes and a click of the mouse to conveniently pay your bills.

To sign up, log in to your online banking account at www.firstsouthern.com. Then click the “Bill Pay” link to access the enrollment form or call us at 855-402-7815.

How does bill payment work?  Click the helpful links below to watch our demos or call 855-402-7815.

Bill Pay Demo

Questions about how to schedule a payment?  

Schedule a Payment

Questions about how to pay an individual?  

Pay A Person Demo

Want to receive and pay your bills electronically all in one place and all from your computer?

Bill Pay Features

For all other Bill Pay questions click the link below.

Bill Pay FAQ

To help you understand the bill pay process,
we have also provided a diagram.