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Estate Administration

One of First Southern's strengths is our Estate Administration capability. When we are named as Personal Representative, Executor or Co-Executor of your will, we use our experience to help your family through a difficult and stressful time while being proactive in carrying out your wishes.

The role of Executor or Personal Representative is complex, time-sensitive in terms of tax situations, and varied in scope. For many families, naming a Corporate Executor such as First Southern is an attractive solution rather than burdening a family member during a trying time.

The Role and Responsibilities of an Executor

Here are a few of the key tasks and responsibilities of an Executor/Personal Representative:

  • Arrange for the probate of your will
  • Inventory and  marshal the assets in your estate
  • Arrange for the necessary appraisals or valuation of your property
  • Secure, protect and manage estate assets
  • Notify creditors and handle claims against your estate
  • File appropriate tax returns and pay taxes

Some advantages of a Corporate Executor:

Constant availability. We have a continued corporate existence. If an individual is named to settle your estate, that person could become sick or travel extensively for business or pleasure at a time when his or her presence is crucial. And there’s no guarantee the person won’t die before the job is done.

Specialized knowledge. A qualified Executor/Personal Representative must have good business sense, understand the ins and outs of taxes, and be able to pay close attention to record keeping and correspondence.

 Impartiality. It is our duty to treat all beneficiaries objectively and impartially. There is no worry that we will be influenced to favor one of your beneficiaries over another.

Accountability. Corporate Executors’ actions are subject to periodic reviews, not only by the beneficiaries but by independent auditors and state regulatory examiners.

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