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Text Banking FAQ’s

Who can use First Southern Bank Text Banking?

Text Banking is available to any First Southern Bank customer. For validation purposes you must have an Online BankingWeb Teller ID and Password to enroll for this service.


What service(s) can Text Banking provide for me?

When using the SMS text messaging feature on your mobile device you can check account balances and transaction history. Text Banking will provide you with the last four transactions on your account(s) within the last 15 days.


What is the cost associated with Text Banking?

We do not charge you for Text Banking. Your wireless carrier may charge for using the SMS text message feature on your mobile device. Some carriers may charge additional fees to use their short code texting services.


Do I need a Smartphone to sign up for Text Banking?

No, because virtually every mobile phone/device on the market today is capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages. You must simply have text messaging available through your mobile device.


How do I get started using Text Banking?

Getting started is easy and quick. Log in to Online BankingWebTeller and select “Options>Mobile Settings” and select “Text Mobile Settings” to enroll. Upon entering the required information you will be prompted to text our short code – 89549- with a validation code. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile device indicating you are successfully enrolled. If you do not receive a text confirmation message after submitting your validation code to 89549, please verify you entered the correct mobile number during the enrollment process. If this number is correct and you still are not receiving the confirmation, you should contact your wireless provider to ensure third party text messages or premium text messages have not been
blocked on your mobile account. These type blocks will prevent you from receiving our Text Banking
messages. As noted previously, some wireless carriers may charge additional fees to use their short
code texting services.


Do I have to enroll for Mobile Banking in order to use Text Banking?

No, you can enroll for both or just one or the other.


What is the difference between Mobile Banking and Text Banking?

Mobile Banking provides more functionality than Text Banking. For example, with Mobile Banking you are able to submit transfers and bill payments. Text Banking only provides SMS text messages that contain balance information and account history (last four transactions). In addition, Mobile Banking requires you to authenticate using your Online BankingWebTeller ID and Password, while Text Banking does not. You simply text First Southern Bank’s short code 89549 and a text command to have a message sent to your mobile device with the requested information.


What accounts can I access with Text Banking?

All accounts you are able to access through First Southern Bank’s Online Banking WebTeller service are available using Text Banking. Through the Text Banking enrollment process, you will choose the accounts and assign a short name for each one.


What happens if I lose my mobile device?

The information sent to you from First Southern Bank’s Text Banking is similar to that printed on a typical ATM receipt – it cannot be used to identify you or compromise your accounts. However, if your mobile device is lost or stolen, you should call your mobile provider to cancel the service on the device. Once you replace your device, if you keep the same number, Text Banking will continue to work. If you change your number, you will need to log in to Online Banking WebTeller and go to “Options>Mobile Settings” and select “Text Mobile Settings” to update your phone number. Remember with any changes such as phone numbers, accounts or short names, you must Accept the Terms and Confirm the change, as well as text the validation code you receive to complete the change process.


What do I need to do if I get a new mobile device?

If you are using the same phone number, no changes are needed. If you change the phone number,see above Q/A for instructions.


Should I save the Bank’s short code in the contact list on my phone?

If you wish to add our short code to your contact list, please use a generic label for security purposes.


What if I no longer want to be a Text Banking user?

Text our short code 89549 with the word STOP. This will cancel your Text Banking Service.


Is the information delivered through Text Banking secure?

Because the content of text messages is generally accessible to anyone who may have access to your mobile device, the information in the text messages you receive from First Southern Bank does not include any personally identifiable information. However, your text messages will store the balances and account history that you are requesting. For that reason, we recommend you delete your Text Banking messages after you receive them.


What is SMiShing and why should I know what this is?

Hopefully you are aware of the risks of “phishing” which is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. A derivation of phishing, SMiShing, involves the use of SMS text messages on mobile devices to collect personal information. A typical SMiShing message might advise you that your debit card has been compromised and you should call a number to ensure your account’s security. In calling the number, you would likely be asked to provide your account number, date of birth or other personal information. Once you have done that, your information is in the hands of fraudsters and you are a potential victim of identity theft. SMiShing is easy to avoid if you know what to look for. Any unsolicited text message asking you to reply with information about yourself or to call and provide information to a voicemail or live person is inherently suspect. Delete such messages without replying.

Report a lost or stolen Debit card

Lost Debit Card

If you need to report a lost or stolen Debit Card issued by First Southern Bank, please call


Lost Credit card

If you need to report a lost or stolen Credit Card issued by First Southern Bank, please call