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First Southern Bank VISA Debit Card

Our First Southern Bank Visa® Debit Card allows 24-hour access to your checking account to make purchases or withdraw funds at ATMs nationwide. First Southern Bank does not charge fees for using any ATM nationwide.


Features of First Southern Bank Visa® Debit Card:

  • 1Withdraw or transfer funds at ATMs from Checking or linked Savings
  • Make purchases
  • Reconcile transactions with a monthly account statement
  • Change your Debit/ATM card PIN using any First Southern Bank ATM
  • Visa Alert Service


1Daily limits of $2,500 for purchases and $500 at ATM’s per card (not account).


VISA Alert Service

The Visa® Alert Service sends an alert for every transaction authorization that fits the cardholder’s pre-set parameters, to their mobile phones via SMS text and/or e-mail.

Through the Visa Alerts Service, cardholders have the ability to:

  • Closely monitor their Visa credit, debit, or prepaid accounts.
  • Check for unusual transaction activity and/or track spending levels right on the spot.
  • Take immediate action at the first sign of potential fraud.

Each Visa alert contains important transaction details such as the amount, time, date, alert type and the type of purchase. It also includes the merchant name and location and the currency conversion exchange rate for international transactions.

An alert is triggered whenever a transaction meets a cardholder’s pre-set parameters. All alerts are sent from VisaNet® on behalf of participating issuers when a transaction occurs.


An Invaluable Tool and Convenient Way to Stay On Top of Things

The Visa Alerts Service offers cardholders a whole new world of advantages:

  • Flexible Alert Notification Options – Cardholders can choose to receive alerts via SMS text on a mobile phone device or an e-mail message (if applicable).
  • Greater Account Security – Cardholders can receive alerts for Visa transactions in “near” real time and identify potentially fraudulent activity immediately.1

1 Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. The Visa Alerts Service may not be available in all areas. Account activity qualifying for the Visa Alerts Service may vary by issuer. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply.


How It Works

To access information about Visa Purchase Alerts, Visa cardholders can visit . Once enrolled, cardholders can set up specific alert triggers that meet their individual account information needs. Anytime a transaction takes place that meets the Visa cardholder’s defined parameters, he or she receives an alert in “near” real time. Triggers can include:

  • Transaction thresholds for spending amount
  • International transactions
  • Card-absent transactions, such as telephone or Internet orders
  • Declined transactions
  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • Gasoline charges


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Debit Card Travel Tips

If you are traveling out of the area, please contact our office and inform us of the dates you will be traveling.  This will prevent the appearance of fraud occurring on your account. We do have a block on all non-US transactions.  If you travel outside of the US, we will need to lift the Non-US flag to allow your transactions to be approved.

In order to prevent debit card fraud, it is sometimes necessary to place blocks on certain merchant types or transactions in certain states or areas.  If you are out of state and are declined during a transaction, ask the merchant to run your card as a debit with your PIN.  If you are still experiencing problems, call our office at (800) 625-7131.

Report a lost or stolen Debit card

Lost Debit Card

If you need to report a lost or stolen Debit Card issued by First Southern Bank, please call


Lost Credit card

If you need to report a lost or stolen Credit Card issued by First Southern Bank, please call